General & Fire Safety Products


When & How

Fire Equipment is generally required to be serviced annually. Our offices maintain full Fire Registers for our clients, enabling us to manage the services from year to year and send service notifications, as well as to report to our clients on completion of the service.

Certificate of Service

Every Unit (Fire Extinguisher, Hose Reel or Hydrant) is given a number and is noted on our Location List. Following the annual service, a Certificate of Service is issued, confirming the recent service as well as any recommendations that have been discussed.

SABS Accredited

We hold close relationships with the SABS, and we have built relationships with numerous inspectors within the Fire Department, they are on hand for advice and recommendations. For most urgent call-outs we are able to provide same day service.

Prevent serious fire damage

Fire detection devices greatly reduce the risk of serious damage during a fire. Fire extinguishing products such as a fire blanket is a cost-effective solution for household use. Let us help you decide which products will best suit your needs.

Fire Blanket

Normally positioned in the kitchen, the Blankets common usage is to spread it over a burning pot, to extinguish a fire.

Redlam Bolt

The redlam bolt is a cost effective, approved way of securing an emergency exit.

First Aid Kits

Our range of first aid kits, help us provide a total safety solution for almost any premises.

Smoke Detectors

Whether you need a new smoke detection system or to maintain what you already have, we are your first choice. Here are only a few reasons why we remain many of our clients’ only choice when it comes to professional smoke detection solutions.

  • Addressable system
  • FSIB, SANS Compliant